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Take your own coffee to work or take to a coffee shop and don’t use the disposable coffee cups provided but this bright, bold cup. Even better, you will get a discount off your regular Muzz Buzz if you use this and not a disposable coffee cup and help people make the change to non-disposable products. The total for the order includes the postage of $8.95 within Australia, it will show on your confirmation order.
• Available in 2 sizes: Medium: 12oz = 340ml, Large: 16oz = 454ml
• Fits in car cup holders
• Suitable for coffee, tea, juice or soup
• Lightweight and unbreakable
• Larger drinking hole for an enhanced drinking experience
• Hard lid with a plug to cover the mouthpiece
• Splash proof seal
• Made from recyclable material which is BPA/ BPS free and non-toxic
• Dishwasher safe on the top shelf
• Can be taken apart for a thorough clean
• Made in Australia